Preikestolen (Preacher's Pulpit or Pulpit Rock)

Preikestolen is one of most popular tourist attractions. It is a steep cliff 607 meters above the Lyse fjord. Located at nord side of the fjord. It has flat square top with apr. 25 meters at side. The best way is take a ferry from Stavanger to Tau, than follow E13 to Sandnes. The tour starts at the parking area by the Preikestolen Lodge. Usually it is about 5 hours estimated tour time. Preikestolen has a gradient of 330 meters. The trail passes through the forest, peatlands. In several places, it will have to overcome blockages of large stones. The second half of the path runs along the plateau with a lot of small lakes and places where you can relax and have a snack. This tour is so popular that a few years ago, a team of Tibetan Sherpas worked to make the path easier for tourists. Nevertheless it is not a walk along the boardwalk. Good clothes in case of rain, good mountain boots and lunch will make this journey more pleasurable and safe.

Thee parking fee is NOK 80 per car. There is also a service building with toilets and showers at the parking area.


It is how boat look's like from top of Preikestolen.