This site is an attempt to collect most interesting useful and important information about Stavanger and the area. We hope it will be interesting for tourists , new arrivals and for local people as well.

Site has very simple organization - it is similar to computer hard drive. It is consist of folders and sub folders. Each folder have collection of photos with some description. You can choose what you want to see by clicking at photo icon. If you click at left top corner of the picture you will get a map with position from where the shoot was made.

A picture paints a thousand words. That why we publish quite big scale photos. All pictures are property of they authors or MyStavanger.com. If you are going use our photos please contact us first.

Web site's information is a compilation from different sources. Some times, especially historical facts, can be not exactly correct. If you found some inaccuracy or you have more information about some described facts, we will be very happy if you contact us.

We are not intend to make one more site for tourists only. We are believe that many interesting and important things happen here the every day. City is like a living being and live your own life. It’s change every time. Thousands of city events make up the city’s history. Some of new buildings make city better and some of old buildings and places become a history. Keeping the city history is keeping memories about people who live here.

This is an open project and we hope we will develop it together with people, who interested in history, city life and local cultural environment. Everyone very welcome.

If you have any suggestions or questions please contact us by E-Mail: mail@mystavanger.com.

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