West coastline.

The west coastline is unique place in Norway. The long sandy beaches is nice place for relax in summer's day. Sande, Viste, Vigdel, Hellesto, Sola, Olberg, Bore, Orre at this beaches you will find place for bathing, windsurfing or just walking in beautiful sand dunes. all of this beaches are in short distance from Stavanger. Altogether, the beaches cover around 70km of the coastline, and have unique nature. The sea, like the sky, is never the same and it is nice in any season.


Hellestø beach. Drive RV 510 from Sola to Kleppe. By Tjelta turn off towards Vigdel, after two km you will find the car park on the left side of the road. Nice place for picnic when weather good. Clear Sunday beach and very clean water.